Early-Spring 1993
Thug Life
Pour Out A Little Liquor
Death Around The Corner
Ready 4 Whatever
Fake Ass Bitches

I'm Losin It

High Til I Die

Is It Cool 2 Fuck

Time To Get My Drank On
Faced Shootouts (Interlude)

Definition of a Thug Nigga
How Long Will They Mourn Me
Lie 2 Kick It

Thug 4 Life

I'm Gettin Money

Thugs Get Lonley Too

Summer-Late 1993

Nothing 2 Lose

Only Fear of Death
Open Fire
Dear Mama
Out On Bail
Str8 Ballin
Runnin From The Police
Let's Get It On
House Of Pain
Who Do You Luv

Don't Fuck With A Killa
Loyal To The Game
Pain (So Much Pain)

Late 1993-Spring 1994

Cradle To The Grave

Real Bad Boys
Judgement Day
Life So Hard On A Nigga
Wonda Why They Call U Bitch

Thugs Get Lonely II

​Fake Ass Bitches

Peep Game 2
Where Do We Go From Here

R U Still Down?
High Til I Die

Lord Knows

Skank Wit U
Danger Times
God Bless The Dead
It Hurts The Most

Spring-Summer 1994
Bury Me A G
Shit Don't Stop
Stay True
Under Pressure

Phuck All Y'all
America Eatz It'z Young

Thug Style
When I Get Free

Summer-Fall 1994
Dear Mama

It Ain't Easy

So Many Tears

Fuck The World
Hard On A Nigga
If I Die 2 Nite
My Block

Heavy In The Game
Can U Get Away
Old School
Me Against The World
Outlaw (The Game Ain't The Same)
Young Niggaz
Sucka 4 Love (Do 4 Love)
Throw Your Hands Up