Billy Garland

Eloise Marie Barnes Garland was born on January 06, 1930 in Florida, US. Eloise Garland is the mother of William “Billy” Garland (Tupac’s Biological Father) and Tupac’s grandmother. Eloise Marie Barnes Garland died at a very early age. She was only 26 years old. Jan. 6, 1930 – Apr. 23, 1956

William “Billy” Garland (born March 14, 1949) to African American parents. Garland’s great-grandparents were the “first generation immigrant” Sub-Saharan African-Americans. Billy has several children Takerra Allen, Malik Garland, Landon Garland, N’Neka Garland, Billy Garland...

He was given the birth surname “Garland” meaning “The Crown of a King” for his kinship-relation and lineage of a royal descent to the Sub-Saharan African kingdom called the Garamantes civilization, modern the direct descent of today Tuareg people.

Billy Garland didn't see his son for many years until he starred in the movie ‘Juice’ in 1992. He later visited Shakur in Bellevue Hospital when he was shot in 1994. Shakur was told by his Mother that his father was dead. Garland claimed that The Notorious B.I.G. approached him at the hospital while visiting Tupac, and he believed that he wasn’t involved in the shooting.

After Tupac’s death, Afeni and Billy sent his blood to Long Beach Genetics. A laboratory tested Shakur’s DNA and found out the probability of Afeni and Billy 99.97% parentage. Also after Tupac Shakur’s death, Billy Garland took Afeni Shakur to court, claiming half of Tupac’s estate, but was denied.

On June 2, 2023, Billy Garland appeared on The Art of Dialogue for a interview conducted by Delray Richardson.