Outfit: Mike Tyson I'll Be Back T-Shirt - Thug Life Beanie - Luke Records Bandana

Karl Kani Denim Jacket: Tupac on his guest appearance on a Different World in 1993.

Outfit: Tupac wearing the Fila F13 sneakers and black bucket hat on a Digital Underground Tour in 1990.

Outfit: Tupac wearing the Dallas Stars Hockey Jersey on his trip to Hawaii.

Outfit: Positive Wear Shirt and White Thug Life Beanie. The photo shown is a sweater and different color. Source: Grailed

Replay Denim Shirt & Fila Grant Hill 2: Tupac is shown on the All Eyez On Me photo shoot wearing the Replay Denim Shirt and the Fila Grant Hill 2. Source: Grailed


Outfit: Nike Basketball Jersey. Photos of Tupac behind music video set and last day in Vegas. 

The Reebok Pump is a line of athletic shoes that was first released on November 24, 1989, by Reebok. In February 1991, Dee Brown inflated his Reebok Pumps in front of a national audience before scoring a title-winning dunk during the 1991 NBA Slam Dunk Contest. The ones worn by Tupac Shakur and Omar Epps in the movie Juice is slightly different.

Cross Colours Hoodie: in a different color but similar to what Tupac wore in this photo. Source: Grailed

Outfit: Tupac wearing the Oakland Athletics Baseball Jersey

40 Acres Jersey & Nike Air Mission: Tupac wearing the 40 Acres and a Mule Jersey Spike Lee clothing wear in 94.

Outfit: Tupac at Can Am Studio with Boot Camp Clik wearing the North Carolina Hockey Jersey.

UNLV Runnin Rebels Starter Jersey: Tupac interviews with MTV behind the set of the music video If My Homie Calls.

Nautica Competition Jacket: Tupac during his meeting with the Boot Camp Clik for the One Nation Project. Source: Grailed

Outfit: Kadafi wearing MLB Baseball Atlanta Braves Shirt in Hawaii. Mopreme Shakur

Outfit: Black Karl Kani Buckle Hoodie. Source: Karl Kani

Outfit: Tupac wearing the New York Yankee Shirt on his cameo with Digital Underground on Nothing But Trouble.

Outfit: Tupac wearing MLB Baseball Chicago White Sox Jersey.

Outfit: Tupac on the set of the music video Brenda's Got A Baby wearing the Timberland Jacket. Source: Rappers Merch

Karl Kani Hoodie & Nike Air Max 90: Tupac wearing the Karl Kani Hoodie & Nike Air Max 90.

Thug Life Dickies: Tupac in a photo shoot wearing Thug Life Dickies. Photographer-Dorothy Low. The photo shown is sightly different than the one wore by Tupac Shakur.

Outfit: Karl Kani Hockey Jersey - Denim Overalls By Maurice Malone - New York beanie.

Outfit: Tupac wearing the Karl Kani clothes, belt and Timberland Boots in a Danny Clinch photo shoot in 1993.

Outfit: Diesel Leather Vest

Tupac hanging out with Spice 1 behind the set of Strap on the Side music video released in 1994.

UNLV Runnin' Rebels T-Shirt and Red Cuff Knit Beanie NCAA: Tupac wearing UNLV beanie hat and T-Shirt on Video LP with Sherry Carter.

Outfit: Cross Colours Strip Long Sleeve Ruby - Red Jeans - Air Jordan 6

Karl Kani Vintage Suit Grail: Tupac on Yo MTV Raps in 93 with John Singleston wearing a suit close to the purple Karl Kani Vintage shown.

Outfit: Tupac wearing Naughty By Nature T-Shirt

Outfit: Get Used By Elie Jeans & Nike Air Max 90 Obsidian. Source: Grailed

Tupac on the music video Trapped released in 1991.