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June 16, 1971 Tupac Amaru Shakur was born in East Harlem, New York City. His birth name was Lesane Parish Crooks, but later he was renamed after Tupac Amaru, the last Incan emperor revolutionary to be executed in the 16th century and Jose Gabriel Tupac Amaru II, a revolutionist who was executed by the Spanish from Peru in the 18th century. Tupac Amaru means "Shining Serpent" and Shakur in Arabic means "Thankful to God" 

July 28, 1972 Geronimo Pratt who was the Godfather of Tupac was convicted of first-degree murder and sentenced to 27 years.

May 2, 1973 Assata Shakur, his step aunt; was involved in a shootout on the New Jersey Turnpike, in which she was accused of killing New Jersey State Trooper Werner Foerster and grievously assaulting Trooper James Harper.

October 1975 Tupac sister Sekyiwa Shakur was born. Afeni Shakur was also married to Mutulu Shakur, his step father. The following year in 1976 Tupac biological father Billy Garland who spent less time with his son decides to go his own way.

March 1977 Assata Shakur was convicted of murdering state trooper Werner Forrester, although medical experts testified that her injuries would have rendered her incapable of firing the fatal shot.

November 1979 Assata Shakur escaped from prison and was given political asylum in Cuba.

October 1981 Mutulu Shakur and several other members of the Black Panthers held up a Brinks bank truck.

July 23, 1982 Mutulu Shakur became the 380th person added by the FBI to the Top Ten Most Wanted Fugitive List.

September 1983 Afeni enrolls Tupac at age 12 in the 127th Street Ensemble, a Harlem theater group. That same year, Afeni Shakur is introduced to crack cocaine by her boyfriend Legs who was a street hustler.
August 1984 Tupac performs Raisin in the Sun in Apollo Theater Harlem, New York
November 1984 Tupac and his mother moved to Baltimore. Tupac later enrolls in Roland Park School

February 1985 First performance Tupac and Mouse at Eastside Crew in Cherry Hill Recreation Center. They performed several songs, among others there "Nigga Please" and "Rock On!"
March 1985 Virgil Simms, a representative of Jive Records, offers them a call and maybe a potential record deal, but because of opposition Afeni Shakur, there is no meeting
Summer 1985 Tupac and Mouse winning a talent contest organized by the Enoch Pratt Free Library. Tupac later enrolls in Lorence Paul Dunbar High School

February 12, 1986 Mutulu Shakur was captured in California by the FBI.
September 1986 Tupac transferred to Baltimore School For the Arts in Baltimore, Maryland
October 1986 MC New York with the support of Mouse Man becomes king of rap in their school
Spring 1987 Tupac and Mouse perform the song "Babies Having Babies"

Spring 1988 Born Busy first session "Check It Out" and "That's My Man Throwin Down" Mouse Man joins soon.
Spring 1988 Tupac along with Darrin abandon work in restaurants and going on a visit to New York, where a group of friends perform the song "You're a Hot Bitch"

May 11, 1988 Mutulu Shakur and Marilyn Buck convicted of taking part in a 1981 Brink's robbery in which a guard and two police officers were killed in Rockland County.
June 1988 Tupac moves to Marin City, California

August 1988 Mutulu Shakur, stepfather of Tupac was sentenced to sixty years in prison for armored car robbery. "

January 30, 1989 Tupac meets Flavor Flav at the American Music Awards.
February 21, 1989 Tupac wrote the lyrics for the song "The Case of the Misplaced Mic"

Spring 1989 Tupac meets Lelia Steinberg who was teacher and poet. Later on, she became his manager. He also went on to form the rap group Strictly Dope with Ray Luv and a few other members.
June 20, 1989 Tupac wrote, "Let Knowledge Drop"

August 2, 1989 Tupac signs contract under Atron Gregory to became member of Digital Underground

August 22, 1989 Huey P. Newton was murdered during a drug buy in the neighborhood of Lower Bottoms, in West Oakland, California.

August 23, 1989 Yusef Hawkins was a 16-year-old African-American who was shot to death in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn.

September 1989 Tupac chosen to be National Chairman of the New African Panther Party

October 17, 1989 The Loma Prieta earthquake with a magnitude of 2.7 occurred in San Francisco which inspired the Humpty Dance.

October 18, 1989 Doowutchyalike single released independently by Digital Underground

January 20, 1990 The Humpty Dance single is released by Digital Underground
March 17, 1990 Digital Underground appears on Bay Area Music Awards in the San Francisco Civic Auditorium

March 26, 1990 Digital Underground debut album Sex Packets is released.

May 3, 1990 Digital Underground (Tupac and Money B dancing) on Arsenio Hall Show

June 15, 1990 Mopreme Shakur aka Mocedes makes his first appearance on "Feels Good" with Tony Toni Tone!

July 20, 1990 Johnny J first production "Knockin Boots" from Candyman is released.
July 1990 Digital Underground, Public Enemy, together with a concert at The Arena in St. Louis

August 16, 1990 Digital Underground Tour: Kid N Play and Public Enemy also performs.

November 1990 Tupac attends a Too $hort concert at The Omni in Oakland, CA with Shock G and Ray Luv

January 3, 1991 Tupac makes his first appearance with Digital Underground Same Song. 

January 15, 1991 Digital Underground "This is an EP Release" hit the stores and streets.

January 28, 1991 Tupac repeatedly struck Vanilla Ice at the 18 American Music Awards but he never found out who hit him.  
February 15, 1991 The film "Nothing But Trouble" released. Tupac and Digital Underground makes appearance with Same Song.
February 27, 1991 Tupac signed to the movie Juice, which compels him to work on the film set for 7 weeks for a wage $75 000

March 3, 1991 Unaware they were being filmed by an amateur cameraman, four white LAPD officers beat an African-American motorist named Rodney King. The 12-minute video was aired that night by a local TV station, giving the world a glimpse of shocking behavior from those sworn to protect and serve.

March 16, 1991 Latasha Harlins was a 15-year-old African-American girl who was unlawfully shot and killed by Soon Ja Du Hangul 51-year-old female Korean-American store owner. Tupac went on and dedicated Latasha Harlins on many of his songs.

March 25, 1991 EPMD single Rampage ft LL Cool J is released. Same album Omar Epps got in the record store while filming Juice.

March 26, 1991 Tupac and the rest of the cast hang around jokingly behind the set of Juice

March 28, 1991 Tupac read a Newspaper article while filming Juice about a newborn baby being rescued from a trash compactor in Brooklyn. The mother of the baby was 12-years-old and admitted that she thrown the baby down a trash chute shortly after giving birth. This is the story that inspired Tupac to write the song Brenda's Got A Baby.

April 16, 1991 Quincy Powell reads the Newspaper article about the double murder of Fernando Quiles and Raheem Porter

May 25, 1991 Tupac performs with Coolie Ranx and Wicked J at the African Liberation Day.

July 1, 1991 Digital Underground This is An EP Release officially released on Audio CD.

August 15, 1991 Tupac signed a six page contract with TNT and Interscope Records.

September 24, 1991 Kiss You Back single released by Digital Underground

September 25, 1991 Trapped single released from 2Pacalypse Now album.

October 15, 1991 Sons of the P album released by Digital Underground.
October 17, 1991 Tupac is beaten and arrested by two police officers for jaywalking.
November 12, 1991 2Pacalypse Now debut album released. On the same day Tupac shows up in a press conference which he discussed the beatings he encountered with officers from Oakland Police Department.
November 13, 1991 Tupac contends that the court's civil lawsuit for $ 10 million against a police station in Oakland
November 28, 1991 Tupac meets Jada Pinkett
December 1991 Tupac starts his radio promotional campaign album

​December 11, 1991 2Pacalypse Now Pajama Jam Release Party 

December 20, 1991 If My Homie Calls single released from 2Pacalypse Now album.

December 31, 1991 Juice soundtrack released

January 7, 1992 Brenda's Got A Baby (Music Video) directed by Allen Hughes

January 12, 1992 Tupac performs "If My Homie Calls" in Dance Party USA
January 17, 1992 Juice film is released directed by Ernest Dickerson

January 20, 1992 Brenda's Got A Baby aired on MTV
January 31, 1992 Tupac and Digital Underground at a Monster of Rap concert. Tupac performs the song Troublesome on stage.
February 2, 1992 Tanya Hart interview with Tupac for BET

February 12, 1992 Tupac partying in Miami for Ed Lover's Birthday, with Parrish and Khalil K

February 20, 1992 Tupac and Digital Underground appear on a episode of Drexell's Class "Cruisin"
March 25, 1992 The first test scene Tupac and Janet Jackson in a salon X, Y, Z Ladera Heights, California
March 31, 1992 Tupac is involved in the first, cursory reading of the script, "Poetic Justice"

April 11, 1992 While working on the set of "Poetic Justice" Tupac's interview in Los Angeles
April 14, 1992 Start with the photos of "Poetic Justice". Then shot the scene with Lucky and J-Bon in Angel apartment

April 19, 1992 If My Homie Calls (Music Video) directed by Allen Hughes
April 24, 1992 Ronald Ray Howard kills policeman from Texas, being allegedly motivated by 2Pacalypse Now.
April 29, 1992 After a trial jury acquitted four police officers of the Los Angeles Police Department of the use of excessive force in the videotaped arrest and beating of Rodney King, following a high-speed police chase. Thousands of people throughout the metropolitan area in Los Angeles rioted over six days following the announcement of the verdict. On that day Tupac records Strictly 4 My Niggaz.
May 3, 1992 Tupac appears backstage with Heavy D & The Boyz while performing in Living Color

May 4, 1992 Family reunion scene in Griffith Park

May 5, 1992 If My Homie Calls music video aired on MTV
May 15, 1992 The film crew, along with actors celebrates birthday of Janet Jackson. Begin at the beauty salon photos

June 3, 1992 The sets are transferred to the desert highway
June 10, 1992 Tupac wrote the script Fri "32 bottles of the Ghetto Heaven"
June 11, 1992 Recording scenes from "Poetic Justice" in Pismo Beach
June 15, 1992 Recording fight scenes between Iesha and Chicago

June 16, 1992 Tupac bought a Jeep Cherokee for his 21st birthday
June 17, 1992 Last day of filming this scene. Oprah visits the movie set to shoot a documentary on the film
June 27, 1992 Tupac shows up on set late and angry. Scene is recorded in home studio Khalil
June 29, 1992 Photos of the scene and the family breakfast Lucky Khalil
July 2, 1992 The crew moved to Oakland, where he recorded the scene when Lucky finds out that Khalil was dead
July 3, 1992 Last day of the images from "Poetic Justice". 

August 1, 1992 Tupac and Treach hang out in KMEL Summer Jam.

August 12, 1992 Tupac attend Jack The Rapper Convention with Eazy-E and Treach (Naughty By Nature)

August 21, 1992 Tupac MTV Interview: He speaks about the Christmas Holidays and recording of Ghetto Gospel.
August 22, 1992 During the Marin City Music Festival Tupac confronted with a Marin City resident, resulting in a 6-year-old boy Quaid Walker-Teal is shot in the head. Immediately after the incident, Tupac and Mopreme have to flee before the angry crowd. Tupac is arrested for questioning, and Mopreme Shakur is arrested. None of them was erected charges due to insufficient evidence.

​August 23, 1992 Tupac Amaru Shakur was instrumental in getting rival members of the Crips and Bloods to sign a code of ethics, that which is called The Code of Thug Life. Dr. Mutulu Shakur had helped write up The ‘Code,’ with other ‘O.G’s’ who came together to bring order to the violence on the street.

September 14, 1992 Salsa Con Soulfood released on Funky Aztecs Chicano Blues album.
September 15, 1992 Tupac plays a concert with the Digital Underground at the event "Back to School Daze Dance" in Sonoma Country Fairgrounds, Santa Rosa, California,
September 22, 1992 Vice President Dan Quayle claimed that 2Pacalypse Now was the blame for the death of a Texas state trooper.

September 27, 1992 Tupac records the song Brothas In the Pen. Around this time he was also fired from Menace 2 Society.
November 2, 1992 Tupac is placed on the list of "Cultural Elite" by the newspaper of the Bay Area - San Francisco Chronicle

December 1992 Tupac and Stretch on Yo MTV Raps: Bootleggers

January 8, 1993 Holler If Ya Hear Me (Music Video) directed by Stephen Ashley Blake

January 29, 1993 Holler If ya Hear Me single released on Vinyl

February 2, 1993 Call It What You Want is released on Above The Law Black Mafia Life album

February 4, 1993 Holler If Ya Hear Me single released on CD
February 5, 1993 Tupac appears in Yo! MTV Raps with Fab 5 Freddy, MC Breed, Coolio and Thug Life crew.

February 16, 1993 Strictly 4 My Niggaz album released

February 20, 1993 Tupac performs "I Get Around" with Digital underground on Teen Summit in Washington D.C.

March 9, 1993 Tupac shows up at the 7th Annual Soul Train Awards with Rosie Perez.
March 13, 1993 Tupac gets into fights with Hollywood and limo driver was arrested. The charges were later dismissed.

March 15, 1993 Tupac and Warren G signs a contract for "Definition of a Thug Nigga" to be used for the Poetic Justice soundtrack.
April 5, 1993 2Pac is arrested in Lansing for an attempt to beat any other rapper (Chauncey Wynn) with a baseball bat during a concert at the University of at Michigan State.

April 16, 1993 Tupac perform with MC Breed on stage in Capitol Theatre, Flint Michigan.

April 23, 1993 Tupac attend Atlanta Freaknik.

April 27, 1993 Gotta Get Mine is released on The New Breed album

May 22, 1993 Tupac attends Aids Charity fund raising event with Band Slaughter.

June 3, 1993 Gotta Get Mine single released

June 10, 1993 I Get Around single released

June 17, 1993 Tupac appears on A Different World with Jada Pinkett

June 24, 1993 Tupac guest appearance on A Different World "Homie Don't Ya Know Me" is aired.
June 28, 1993 Poetic Justice soundtrack released.

July 16, 1993 Tupac gets fired up at the Hughes with John Singleton on Yo MTV Raps!

July 19, 1993 Arsenio Hall Show Interview and live performance. I Get Around

July 21, 1993 Tupac attend Premiere Cinema for Poetic Justice.
July 22, 1993 Tupac along with John Singleton appears on "Rap City" TV B

July 23, 1993 Tupac performs at New York Palladium with Biggie Smalls.  

July 26, 1993 Tupac conducts an interview with MTV about Janet Jackson and wanting him to take a AIDS Test.
July 28, 1993 MTV Jams Tupac perform his hits "I Get Around" and "Keep Ya Head Up"

July 31, 1993 Tupac attends the Kube 93 FM Summer Jam.

August 3, 1993 1st Annual Soul Train Comedy Awards

August 10, 1993 Chuck Phillips interview for Rolling Stone
August 12, 1993 Tupac attends Jack the Rapper Convention in Atlanta.

August 18, 1993 Danny Clinch photography in New York City for Rolling Stones Magazine

September 1, 1993 Tupac purchase his first house in Stone Mountain, Georgia
September 8, 1993 Tupac visits Marcus Garvey School in South Central Los Angeles.
September 10, 1993 Tupac and Stretch attends 1st Annual Minority Awards Motion Picture Awards

September 12, 1993 Tupac, Mopreme and Stretch perform on the premiere show of Townsend Television
September 19, 1993  2Pac with E-40 in "Practice Lookin 'Hard"

September 30, 1993 Tupac shows up in Living Color with Jamie Foxx and Tommy Davidson

​October 5, 1993 The Body Hat Syndrome album released.

October 14, 1993 He made a last-minute flight from New York to Aberdeen to visit Joshua Torres, an 11-year-old fan dying of complications from muscular dystrophy.The meeting was private: no television cameras; no live broadcast by the radio station that had helped set up the meeting. Shakur spent 30 to 40 minutes with Joshua. He held Joshua's hand, talked to him, cried with him. Then, he was gone, and within two hours, Joshua was dead.
October 18, 1993 In Harlem, begins shooting "Above The Rim"

October 24, 1993 Tupac performs a freestyle on stage with Big Daddy Kane, Biggie Smalls, Scoob Lover and Shyheim for the Budweiser Superfest in Madison Square Garden. Later on that night Tupac meets Easy Mo Bee.

October 28, 1993 Keep Ya Head Up single released
October 28, 1993 Rolling Stone magazine published an interview with Tupac performed by Chuck Philips,
October 31, 1993 Tupac shooting in Atlanta involving two off duty police officers. He was charged with two counts of aggravated assault and released the next day on $55,059 bond until a Dec. 1 hearing to determine if the case will be sent to a grand jury.

November 5, 1993 Octagon Club with DJ Eddie F., Intro, YG'z, Adora, Heavy D The Boyz, Pete Rock and CL Smooth

November 6, 1993 Haitian Jack and Tupac meet at Scores Strip Club where the two watched the Riddick Bowe and Holyfield fight
November 14, 1993 Tupac meets with the 19-year-old woman who later accused him of rape. A woman allegedly practiced with Tupac oral sex on the floor of the New York club Nell's.
November 18, 1993 Tupac arrested for allegedly sexually assaulting a 19-year-old woman in the Parker Meridian Hotel.
November 20, 1993 Tupac out of jail for bail in the amount of $ 50,000.
November 23, 1993 Tupac claims that police destroyed a tape recording to cleanse him of all charges.

November 24, 1993  Tupac and his two "friends" (Charles Fuller and Jacques Agnant) is indicted.
November 26, 1993  Police say that he has video footage showing that Tupac is grown sex with a minor and drunk girl. Woman, Michelle Fuentes, who was not a minor, issued a statement which says that Tupac treated her with respect.
December 8, 1993 Tupac and his crew are thrown out of strip club - Club Nikki in Atlanta after Tupac's colleague, Edwin Bradley began feeling the dancer. After a high speed chase in Bradley was arrested.
December 16, 1993 Hearing on sexual assault. The alleged victim claims that Tupac and his colleagues had threatened her.
December 21, 1993 Tupac appears in a New York Courtroom for another hearing. After the hearing he wishes the media a sarcastic "Merry Christmas" and thanks them for destroying everything he has ever worked for.

December 31, 1993  Tupac, Snoop and Dre attend New Year celebration in Santa Monica. 

January 4, 1994 Tupac is nominated for an NAACP Image Award for "Poetic Justice".

January 17, 1994 Papa'z Song single released

January 21, 1994 Tupac makes his appearance at the The Ritz

January 27, 1994 Papa'z Song (Music Video) directed by James Michael Marshall

January 31, 1994 2Pac in the studio recording Blue Palms in Burbank, California.
February 1, 1994 Shakur appears in court in Los Angeles on charges of assaulting a director Allen Hughes. Before entering the courtroom almost broke with Hughes, who had hired to protect The Fruit of Islam.

February 7, 1994 Tupac appears on the 21st Annual American Music Awards

February 10, 1994 Tupac is found guilty of assault on a lead pipe Allen Hughes. After being interviewed for The Source.
February 21, 1994 New Regal Theater in Chicago with Thug Life Performs six songs, including "Out On Bail" and "Keep Ya Head Up". Mc Lyte also co-concert, after which he went to the after-party.

March 8, 1994 Arsenio Hall interview and performance with Stretch "Pain."
March 9, 1994 After MTV interview at the Shell station on Sunset Boulevard, Tupac is attacked by a member of Crips.
March 10, 1994 Tupac appears in court for assault on Allen Hughes. Judge Wu sentences Pac to 15 days in LA County. Pac is to report to the jail at 9 a.m. on May 10th. Reporters rush outside the courtroom to tape the statement Pac promised "What advice do you have for you fans?" Tupac turns his baseball hat backwards. "Think about it. A fist fight becomes battery in the courts. Two and a have half minutes just cost me 15 days."

March 13, 1994 Tupac is arrested for assaulting a limousine driver in California.

March 15, 1994 Tupac shows up at a party in Los Angeles on the occasion of the release of the soundtrack to "Above The Rim".

March 22, 1994 Released is the soundtrack to "Above The Rim".
March 23, 1994 Above The Rim film released. Interview with Benjamin Svetkey.

March 24, 1994 Tupac perform "It's An African Thing" with Nana King at Santa Monica

March 28, 1994 Tupac attends the Spec’s Music Store at 163rd St Mall in Miami, Florida

March 31, 1994 Tupac appears at the International Airport at Los Angeles
April 2, 1994 Tupac and Madonna show up on Saturday Night Live to watch a performance by Snoop Doggy Dogg.
April 4, 1994 Biggie and 2Pac spend time at the Royalty Hotel.

April 14, 1994 Tupac is a presenter on The A-Town Music Awards at the Fox Theater in Atlanta.

April 25, 1994 Performs "Out On Bail," on stage with Stretch and Thug Life members at the Source Awards.
April 29, 1994 Tupac and Mopreme is stopped for speeding on Hollywood Boulevard.

May 10, 1994 Gangsta Team is released on South Central Cartel N Gatz We Truss album
May 10, 1994 Tupac goes to court in Los Angeles. Starts a prison term of 15 days for beating Allen Hughes.

May 17, 1994 Tupac is released from prison Los Angeles, after 7 to 15 days incarceration.

May 26, 1994 Tupac appear among the Arsenio Hall audience.

June 11, 1994 Ghetto Theme with Mac Mall (Music Video) directed by Tupac Shakur

June 19, 1994 Tupac meets Keisha Morris at the Chippendale's Club in New York

July 5, 1994 Tupac spitting at the camera and yells at reporters when leaving the state Supreme Court in New York.

July 9, 1994 Tupac perform at the Regal Theater in Chicago. Biggie Smalls, Da Brat, Common and other artists perform.

July 11, 1994 Tupac appears outside Manhattan Criminal Court. 

​July 23, 1994 Tupac and the rest of the group members travel to Waikiki Beach Honolulu, Hawaii.

July 31, 1994 Tupac and the Live Squad shows up to Wesley Snipes birthday party.
August 1994 Tupac appears at the wedding of Shock G

August 1994 Pour Out A Little Liquor (Music Video) directed by Tupac Shakur and produced by Tracy Robinson

September 1, 1994 Robert "Yummy" Sandifer at 11 years of age and member of the black disciples was murdered in Chicago by his own fellow gang members who feared he could become an informant, and that he was attracting too much attention towards their activities.

September 3, 1994 Tupac performs on stage at the Mecca Arena in Milwakee. Half way through the song, 2Pac stopped the show for a "moment of silence" for the 14-year-old girl killed in Chicago by an 11-year-old boy (who was later killed himself.) but before the "silence" began 2Pac yelled out: "You better stop killing those babies or else I'll murder you myself!"  Things got out of control  between some people in the audience and Thug Life members but no one got shot or hurt.
September 7, 1994 Two teenagers from Milwaukee, killed a policeman. They claimed that the song "Soujah's Story"  motivated them

September 14, 1994 Tupac pleads guilty for baseball bat incident at a concert in Michigan.

September 21, 1994 Ed Gordan interviews Tupac Shakur on BET

September 26, 1994 Thug Life album Volume One released.

September 30, 1994 Tupac attends Premiere of Jason's Lyrics with Jada Pinkett
October 7, 1994 Began filming "Bullet

October 11, 1994 Thug Life album Volume 1 released on Audio CD.

October 13, 1994 Tupac appears at the premiere of "I Like It Like That" to help women in need.
October 15, 1994 BET airs Ed Gordon interviewing Tupac Shakur

October 25, 1994 Tupac is interviewed on the street corner, while shooting scenes for the movie "Bullet".

November 1, 1994 Tupac and Stretch attend the Lords of the Underground release party in New York.

November 4, 1994 Cradle To The Grave single released from Thug Life album Volume One.

November 6, 1994 Tupac and Mickey Rourke attend the Club Expo Fashion Week.

November 8, 1994 Tupac appears at the Roseland Ballroom in New York where Bad Boy members Puff and Biggie also perform. 

November 9, 1994 Tupac appears outside of Manhattan Criminal Court.

November 10, 1994 Tupac appears again for the second day in Manhattan Criminal Court.

November 10, 1994 Tupac bought a BMW 735 on Keisha Morris Birthday.

November 11, 1994 Tupac and Mickey Rourke appears at Nello Restaurant in New York.
November 12, 1994 Tupac and Mickey Rourke appears at charity auction for Intercambios Culturales Project For El Salvador.

​November 14, 1994 Tupac appears at the New York Supreme Court in Manhattan New York.

November 24, 1994 Tupac spends Thanksgiving with family in Atlanta, Georgia
November 28, 1994 After leaving the courtroom in NY Tupac claims "I'm still a survivor but soon I'm going to go crazy."
November 29, 1994 A jury on Tupac is considering allegations of sexual assault, sodomy and possession of weapons.
November 30, 1994 Shakur was robbed and shot five times by three men in the lobby of Quad Recording Studios in Manhattan. Shakur said that he believed the robbery was simply a setup for the attack, wondering why they would take jewelry and leave his Rolex watch.
December 1, 1994 Tupac checks out of Bellevue Hospital and arrives at the final hearing of his trial. He is found guilty of sexual assault, but exempt from the charges of Sodom and weapons possession.
December 2, 1994 Tupac is released from the Metropolitan Hospital Center and stays with Jasmine Guy to recover.
December 5, 1994 Tupac missed trial date because of health problems. The hearing was postponed for nine days.
December 14, 1994 Tupac misses a court hearing again because of dangerous situation. The judge questioned this statement.
December 23, 1994 Bail set at $ 3,000,000, and the date of its delivery was set at 17.01.95.

January 15, 1995 Tupac's interview with Kevin Powell at Riker's Island prison. Tupac renounces Thug Life.
February 7, 1995 Tupac is sentenced to one and a half to four and a half years in prison.

February 21, 1995 Dear Mama single released from Me Against The World album
March 8, 1995 The police photograph Tupac Shakur. He receives a prison identification number
March 1995 Tupac is transferred from Riker's Island to the Clinton Correctional Facility.

March 14, 1995 Me Against The World album released by Interscope Records

March 16, 1995 Shit Don't Stop (Music Video) directed by Kia Puriefoy
April 1, 1995 "Me Against The World" debuted at # 1 on Billboard
April 29, 1995 Tupac married Keisha Morris.
May 1, 1995 Tupac wrote a letter to prison authorities asking them to pay him a gold wedding ring.

May 25, 1995 Tupac fails drug test as punishment for 60 days, 23 hours a day, can not leave his cell, he loses two months of good exercise and some privileges.

June 13, 1995 So Many Tears single released

June 18, 1995 So Many Tears (Music Video) directed by Lionel C. Martin
June 25, 1995 Friends visited Tupac in prison.

June 27, 1995 How Long Will They Mourn Me (Music Video) directed by Kia Puriefoy

June 28, 1995 Tupac was sued by the estate of a Texas State Trooper. The Trooper's family claimed Tupac's music incited police shootings. During this time he conducted his first testimony in Clinton Correction Facility Prison.

June 29, 1995 Tupac conducts a second testimony "I believe I got five pieces of hate mail. Of all of the mail I’ve ever gotten, I’ve gotten only about five pieces, maximum.
July 24, 1995 Appellate Division in New York voted 3 to 2 in favor of the Tupac, granting him parole.

August 3, 1995 The Source held its second annual awards ceremony in New York City. Upon accepting the award for soundtrack of the year Suge Knight announced "Any artist out there that wanna be an artist and wanna stay a star and don’t wanna have to worry about the executive producer being all in the videos, all on the records, dancing, come to Death Row" Soon after Snoop Dogg stated: "The East coast ain’t got no love for Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg and Death Row? Y’all don’t love us? Y’all don’t love us? Well, let it be known then"

August 29, 1995 Temptations single released
September 2, 1995 Jasmine Guy visits in jail.
September 3, 1995 Jasmine Guy visited again.
September 16, 1995 Tupac signs and join Death Row Records.

September 20, 1995 Tupac conducts an interview in Clinton Correctional Facility.
September 21, 1995 Appellate Division in New York upholds decision to dismiss Tupac on bail.
September 25, 1995 Tupac writes a letter to Chuck D and Sista Souljah

September 28, 1995 Temptations (Music Video) directed by David Nelson
October 7, 1995 Big Syke visited Tupac in prison.
October 12, 1995 Tupac is released from prison on bail of $ 1.4 million. Later that night he recorded "Ambitionz Az A Ridah"

October 15, 1995 2Pac, and Snoop Doggy Dogg record "2 Of Amerikaz Most Wanted."

October 16, 1995 Million Man March was held in Washington D.C. by Louis Farrakhan. However, 2Pac didn't get a chance to attend.

October 18, 1995 Tupac and Treach meets Faith Evans at the Hollywood Athletic Club.

October 19, 1995 Tupac has a interview with the Los Angeles Times, Chuck Philips.

October 26, 1995 2Pac interviewed on Venice Beach, Tabitha Soren, MTV. Richie Rich and Rappin 4 Tay behind the scene.
October 27, 1995 2Pac's interview in the recording studio in Los Angeles for Tabitha Soren of MTV.

​November 2, 1995 Tupac attend the Soul Train Hall of Fame Awards
November 5, 1995 Tupac performs in Club 662.
Later that day he records Check Out Time.

November 7, 1995 The wrongful death lawsuit against for the fatal shooting of a 6-year old boy Qa’id Walker-Teal on August 22, 1992 in Marin City Festival was settled after the testimony of just two witnesses.
November 10, 1995 Tupac spends three days working on California Love (Music Video) directed by Hype Williams

November 18, 1995 Tupac rest from Death Row, relaxing on the pool.
November 21, 1995 Tupac gives back at the Brotherhood Crusade Thanksgiving Charity Event.

November 28, 1995 California Love Remix (Music Video) directed by Kevin Swain
November 30, 1995 Tupac finds out Big Stretch is killed in Queens, New York. Tupac refused to comment on a former friend.

December 2, 1995 Tupac conducts a second interview with Kevin Powell for Vibe Magazine.

December 3, 1995 California Love single released from All Eyez On Me album.
December 5, 1995 Interview conducted by Tabitha Soren is aired on MTV

December 8, 1995 Tupac's Passport was issued.

​December 11, 1995 Interview and photo shoot for All Eyez On Me by Ken Nahoum

December 15, 1995 Tha Doggpound shoots a music video in Times Square, New York. Biggie Smalls express his opinion on the radio station. The following day it became apparent that the trouble was spilling into the streets. In Red Hook, Brooklyn, shots were fired at the trailer where they were making a video for “New York, New York” No one was hurt but the message was clear.

December 16, 1995 Mike Tyson vs. Buster Mathis Jr.
December 19, 1995 MTV Jams with Dr. Dre and Bill Bellamy.
December 28, 1995 California Love single released on vinyl from All Eyez On Me album.

January 4, 1996 Tupac and Outlaw members perform at the Gund Arena in Cleveland, Ohio

January 14, 1996 Tupac appears on the New York Times Magazine with Snoop and Suge.
January 22, 1996 At a court hearing in Los Angeles, a judge issued an arrest warrant for Shakur not the execution of public works, which the court ordered him to make up as punishment for beating Allen Hughes. Tupac comes to freedom, however, immediately after leaving the courtroom, after paying a deposit of $ 52,000.
January 29, 1996 2Pac, MC Hammer, Snoop Doggy Dogg participate in the 23-country American Music Awards.

February 2, 1996 Tupac attends the Lakers and Bulls game
February 13, 1996 All Eyez On Me double album released
February 17, 1996 2Pac performs California Love, So Many Tears and  Ain't Mad At Cha on Saturday Night Live.
February 22, 1996 Tupac goes to Monty's in Westwood with Suge, Snoop and David Kenner.

February 24, 1996 Tupac attends Danny Boy music video Slip N Slide in Mexico.
February 28, 1996 Tupac participate in the Grammy Awards, Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles.
February 29, 1996 2Pac's interview for MTV in Los Angeles.

March 2, 1996 All Eyez On Me double album peaked at #1 on billboard charts

March 7, 1996 Tupac and Snoop run episode of Yo MTV Raps
March 8, 1996 2Pac records Ghetto Star ft Nutt-So

March 16, 1996 Mike Tyson vs. Frank Bruno
March 22, 1996 Dr. Dre officially announces his departure from Death Row.

March 23, 1996 Tupac perform “All Eyes On Me“ to celebrate the porn star Champagne Pendavis’s on her birthday party.
March 29, 1996 2Pac participates in the 10th Soul Train Awards, Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles. Death Row gets into an argument with Bad Boy, during the ceremony. Later that night Tupac records Hit Em Up and Good Life.

April 5, 1996 Tupac was sentenced to 120 days for violating probation on his assault and battery conviction in attacking a music video producer. Judge Abraham Kahn gave him until June 7 to surrender to serve his sentence.
April 6, 1996 2 of Amerikaz Most Wanted ft Snoop (Music Video) directed by Tupac Shakur and Tracy Robinson

April 11, 1996 How Do You Want It (Concert Version) directed by Kevin Swain.

On the set Jon B. meets up with Tupac and asked him "who does your beat?" Later they went on to record Are U Still Down?
April 19, 1996 How Do You Want It (Adult Version) directed by Ron Hightower. Tupac also does an interview with Sway Calloway.
April 30, 1996 Officials of the Oakland withdraw permission for the concert 2Pac'a, in their city.
May 4, 1996 Saturday Night Special with Ice-T performing "You Do not Bring Me" and "Only God Can Judge Me."
May 6, 1996 Tupac appears in court with Frank Alexander.

May 7, 1996 2 of Amerikaz Most Wanted ft Snoop single released from All Eyez On Me album.

May 12, 1996 Tupac celebrates Mother's Day organized by Death Row. He performs Dear mama on stage.

May 12, 1996 All About U (Music Video) directed by Marlene Rhein and Tracy Robinson. Produced by Rob Johnson

May 15, 1996 I Ain't Mad At Cha (Music Video) directed by Tupac Shakur and Kevin Swain
June 3, 1996 Hit Em Up (Music Video) directed by Tupac Shakur and Kevin Swain. Produced by Gobi Rahimi

June 4, 1996 Made Niggaz (Music Video) directed by Tupac Shakur and Gobi Rahimi
June 4, 1996 How Do U Want It? single released contains a long version of "California Love" and "Hit 'Em Up"

June 4, 1996 Future Rhythm album released by Digital Underground
June 10, 1996 Tupac spends time on the set of "Gridlock'd" and Frank's niece Lemika Early. Records "Why U Turn On Me" and "Untouchable" and a few other tracks.

June 14, 1996 Tupac meets up with Greg Nice to start the One Nation project.
June 15, 1996 Bootcamp Clik comes over and spend a few days, partying and playing with waterguns on between studio sessions.

June 16, 1996 Tupac spends his birthday with family and friends.

June 18, 1996 Tupac and Bootcamp Clik attend the Hollywood Athletic Club
June 26, 1996 Finished shooting "Gridlock'd."
June 28, 1996 Tupac flies from New York to Milan, Italy.
June 29, 1996 Tupac arrives in Milan to take part in fashion shows. Stops at the Hotel Principe di Savoia, and goes along with Kidada Jones Donatella Versace show.
July 1, 1996 Tupac participates in Versace runway with Kidada Jones
July 2, 1996 Shakur participates in shows Romeo Gigli, Dolce and Gabana and. 2Pac In the evening participate in the "afterparty" Dolce and Gabana.
July 3, 1996 Tupac goes to Florence to attend the Giorgio Armani show. He spends time at the Stazione Leopolds, another night spent partying in Italy, this time at the Excelsior.
July 4, 1996 Tupac perform at the House Of Blues with Outlawz and Tha Doggpound
July 8, 1996 Lost Souls and a few other songs was recorded.

July 13, 1996 Tupac appears in E-40 Rapper's Ball (Music Video)

July 23, 1996 To Live And Die In L.A. (Music Video) directed by Kevin Swain
August 1, 1996 Tupac begins filming "Gang Related" with Jim Belushi

August 11, 1996 Tupac, Shock G, LL Cool J, Nas and other celebrities attend the House of Blues.

August 12, 1996 Toss It Up (Beach Version) (Music Video) directed by Kevin Swain

August 13, 1996 Tupac purchased a Hummer H1

August 14, 1996 Tupac performs Homies & Thuggs freestyle with Scarface in Can Am Studio.
August 15, 1996 Brotherhood Crusade with Snoop, MC Hammer, Danny Boy, Suge and Death Row in Los Angeles.

August 24, 1996 Rob Marriot Interview

August 27, 1996 Gang Related Interview with Jim Belushi

August 28, 1996 Tupac attends the Delinquent Habits Party at Monty's Prime Steak & Seafood.

August 30, 1996 Finished shooting Gang Related

August 30, 1996 Tupac attends "A Place Called Home" Another haven from crime open for children.
September 4, 1996 Tupac attends the  MTV Music Awards in New York.
September 6, 1996 Toss It Up (Music Video) directed by Lionel C Martin.
September 7, 1996 Tupac Shakur attended the Bruce Seldon vs. Mike Tyson boxing match with Suge Knight at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada. After leaving the match, one of Knight's associates spotted Orlando "Baby Lane" Anderson, an alleged Crips gang member from Compton, California, in the MGM Grand lobby. Tupac as well as Knight and his followers, assisted in assaulting Anderson. After the brawl, Tupac went with Knight to Death Row-owned Club 662. Tupac rode in Knight's black BMW 750iL sedan as part of a larger convoy. At 11:15 p.m. a white, four-door, late-model Cadillac pulled up to the sedan's right side, rolled down a window, and rapidly fired gunshots at Tupac. Police and paramedics took Knight and a wounded Shakur to the University Medical Center of Southern Nevada. At the hospital, Shakur was heavily sedated for days, was placed on life-support machines, and was ultimately put under a barbiturate-induced coma after repeatedly trying to get out of the bed.
September 13, 1996 Tupac Amaru Shakur died from internal bleeding; doctors attempted to revive him but could not stop the hemorrhaging. His mother, Afeni, made the decision to tell the doctors to stop. He was pronounced dead at 4:03 P.M. The official causes of death were noted as respiratory failure and cardiopulmonary arrest in connection with multiple gunshot wounds.