Fall-Late 1995

Ambitionz Az A Ridah
I Ain't Mad At Cha

2 of Americaz Most Wanted

All Eyez On Me

When I Get Free

Shorty Wanna Be A Thug

All About U


Come With Me (Interlude)

Picture Me Rollin

Wonda Why They Call U Bitch

How Do U Want It

Secretz Of War

Still I Rise

Life Goes On
Better Dayz

The Struggle Continues

There U Go

When We Ride

U Can Call Me Up

Only God Can Judge Me

Rather Be Ya Nigga

M.O.B. (Money Over Bitches)

Hit Em Up

Run Tha Streetz

California Love

Can't C Me

Blunt Time

Check Out Time

Where U Been

2 My Unborn Child

What'z Next

Fair Xchange

What'z Ya Phone Number

U Can't Fade Me

Thug Passion

Heartz Of Men

Late Nite

Holla At Me

Ain't Hard To Find

Tradin War Storiez

No More Pain
Heaven Ain't Hard To Find

Soon As I Get Home

Teardropz And Closed Caskets

Letter 2 The President

Ambitionz Az A Fighta
NY '87 (Now That's Dissin)

Fuck Em All

Still Ballin


Early-Spring 1996

Outlaw Immortal

Playa Cardz Right

If My Enemies Love Their Kidz

Thru My Rearview (Grab The Mic)

He vs She (4 My Niggaz)

World Wide Mob Figgaz

This Life I Lead

Who Do You Believe In


Never Call U Bitch Again

Never Be Peace

When Thugz Cry

Unconditional Love

Too Tight

Never Had A Friend Like Me

My Closest Road Dogz

Thugz Mansion
Ballad Of A Dead Soulja
Until The End Of Time
Changed Man

If There's A Cure For This

Mama Just A Little Girl

Just Watching

Me And My Homies

Things Are Changing

Words To My First Born

Ghetto Star 

This Ain't Livin

Road To Glory
When We Ride On Our Enemies

Wherever U R

Too Late Playa

Lil Homies

Thug N Me

Ride 4 Me

Hit 'Em Up

Good Life

Happy Home
Borrowed Timez
Troublesome 96
Tongue Kissin

Spring-Summer 1996

Fuckin With Tha Wrong Nigga
They Don't Give A Fuck About Us

Made Niggaz

U Can Be Touched

Last Ones Left

Big Bad Lady (Rock On)

Baby Don't Cry (Keep Ya Head Up II)
Are U Still Down ft Jon. B
All About U (Radio Version)

I Ain't Mad At Cha (Radio Version)
Only Move 4 The Money

Out The Moon (Boom, Boom, Boom)


Why You Turn On Me

My Only Fear Of Death (Reincarnation)

Street Life

Secretz Of War

One Nation

Set It Off

World Wide Dime Piece

Jawz Tight

Brothaz In Armz

Military Mindz

Tattoo Tearz

Ginseng Power

Never Call U Bitch Again

Fright Night (Whatcha Gonna Do)

Thug Luv

Untouchable (Freestyle)
War Gamez


Playaz Praya (Last Praya)

Lost Soulz

Let's Be Friendz (Fuck Friendz)

Let Em Have It

When Thugz Cry
Hidden Track (Interlude)

Bomb First (My Second Reply)

White Man'z World


Hail Mary

Against All Odds

Hold Ya Head

Niggaz Nature

2 Live And Die In L.A.

Watch Ya Mouth

The Good Die Young

Pac's Life
Street Fame

Me And My Girlfriend

Life Of An Outlaw

Toss It Up

Just Like Daddy

Black Jesuz

As The World Turns

Smile (Smile 4 Me)
Fame (Fortune And Fame)

High Speed

Catchin Feelins

One Day At A Time

Let'z Get It On

Hell 4 A Hustla
All Out (Die Slow)