Tupac Shakur. Wake Me When I'm Free which opened on January 21, 2022 is a fully immersive thought provoking experience that explores the life and legacy of the acclaimed artist and activist. Created in collaboration with the Shakur Estate, this exhibit leverages technology, contemporary art, and never before seen artifacts from Tupac’s personal archives.

Tupac Shakur. Wake Me When I’m Free will delve into the greater meaning of his activism, music, and revolutionary art, as the exhibit educates and enlightens attendees through a labyrinth of emotions, as they take this journey through his extraordinary life.

However, the exhibit also arrives in a time of turmoil for the Shakur estate. Nine days before the exhibition launched, Tupac’s lone sister, Sekyiwa “Set” Shakur, filed a lawsuit against the trustee of Afeni Shakur’s estate, music executive Tom Whalley. In the suit, Sekyiwa accuses Whalley of embezzling millions of dollars while hoarding Tupac’s items she believes are now hers and failing to provide a proper fiduciary accounting.