Tupac photographed after attending and performing at the 5X Platinum party at The Museum of Flying in Santa Monica, California, 1996. A Fan: "Yes, I went to a Death Row Party and was already in love with Tupac so was eager to see him perform. I had met him once at Poetic Justice premiere and he was cool. So when I saw him perform this time I was hypnotized. I was the only fan with a camera in the front row and I just was snapping my camera as much as I could, I later followed him with fans and the entourage outside and took pics of him shaking hands with fans from his Bentley. He was humble and nice to his fans.”

Tupac and Lemika Early (niece of bodyguard Frank Alexander) on the set of “Gridlock’d.” In 1995, Lemika was in a terrible car accident that left her confined to a wheelchair and paralyzed from the waist down. When Tupac found out about Lemika’s story, he invited her out to California to meet him. Over the course of 2 days, Lemika and her family hung out with Tupac on the set of “Gridlock’d” and in the studio during a recording session.

Found these memories today! 22 years ago, in Cabo, San Lucas on New Years Eve, we met Tupac and Suge Knight stumbling out of El Squid Row. I first saw his necklace and grabbed it in disbelief at how blingy and huge it was. I then looked up to see who he was. He gently took my hand off his necklace and we made small talk. No security anywhere, they were just hanging out like we were and oddly, no one recognized them? We chatted for a bit and they invited us back to their place. He was super cool but we decided that was not a good idea and went home. Haha. 9 months later Tupac died at the age of 25.”

Sitting here reminiscing about the good old days at Howard in preparation for the #chicagofootballclassic. Calling the crew, telling old stories, digging up pics & found this gem of a soul. He said you can always feel “Realness.” I think of this cheek to cheek lesson often & quickly shut my mouth to listen to what I’m feeling. It never fails. Thank you my brotha!” Photo: @ghettoheiress

I first met Tupac when I was fourteen, a freshman in high school, just a few days after my little sister was born, and about a year and a half before my step-brother, a year younger than me, would die of brain cancer.

Tupac attends during the ”Instore Autograph” signing at the Spec’s Music Store at 163rd St Mall in Miami, Florida, March 28, 1994. Tupac and woman named Jeanean Lockett.

Fans & Assoicates

March 15, 1994, ”Above the Rim” OST Release Party in L.A. Tupac and IG member @okiedoke111. She said that Pac invited her to his table when he found out she was there alone and hung out with her for more than an hour. She said she met quite a few celebrities there but that Pac was the most down to earth.

Raine Torae (a fan shared in IG), photographed in Los Angeles, California on April 1996.

April 1996, five months to the date that he was murdered. (I had just had MY son. My point is that is why I look swollen, a thicky). My words to him, I pleaded with him to stay out of trouble. I told him that he was truly a sent prophet, an angel not because he was gorgeous (that smile, those features). He really was! Don’t care what anyone says! The crazy thing is on this night as I was going to my other crush’s concert Gerald Levert in LA, I was driving down one of the BLVDS in LA, there was a mural of him on a billboard & I said to the person that I was with, Tupac is some kind of FINE especially after he shaved his head. Not knowing I would park & walk right beside him. It was almost as if I spoke him into my life. Then September 1996, I received the call about him being murdered, you all would have thought that I was his wife. My whole world was rocked!!”

IG member Stacy Nicole taken Venice Beach on August 30, 1992.

Paul Suber: “I recently got in touch (through Facebook) with a great friend (Tupac) from my past, that I haven’t spoke with in over 15 years, and she knew that I worked in the music industry for a minute, and had some outstanding historic pictures, and she asks me to share a few, so I went “diggin in the crate”, and came up with this photo of me and Tupac. Tupac was one of “HIP HOP’S GREATEST ARTISTS”, and I was fortunate, and blessed to have met, and worked with him!!! GOD IS GOOD!!!” This photo was taken during Tupac’s Interview at Arsenio Hall Show, July 19, 1993.

“I had attended the Jack the Rapper convention back in 1993 and my friend and I saw him walk by so I just said ‘Hey 2Pac, can I take a picture?’ and he shook his head yes and came over. I almost passed out! It was an experience I will never forget!!!” – Camille (fan) share her story on how she met Tupac in Atlanta.

Truly blessed and honored to have met such an amazing spirit….the story behind the pic…He said he would take a picture with me only if we took two and exchanged numbers…he kept the other pic with my #…. I’ll never forget getting to know him, the fire and passion in his eyes with every word he spoke and what a gentlemen he was, with every single interaction. Source: asandovalshpe

Tupac with fan named Shani Nealy in ’93 after a concert in Oklahoma. Her camera ran out of film shortly before meeting 2Pac so she started the roll over, hence the reason for two images showing in one.