Rolex Day-Date Pyramid The late rap legend Tupac “2pac” Shakur (1971-1996), was a big collector of Rolex watches and was here wearing an ultra rare 18k yellow gold 36mm oyster-quartz day date Rolex “Pyramid” president where the repeated pyramid bezel has diamonds hour makers. The inner links of the bracelet have been polished with pyramid effect decoration.

36mm Rolex Day-Date Legendary rapper 2pac, is in this photo from the mid 90s wearing a vintage 36mm Rolex Day-Date in 18k yellow gold with a after-set diamond bezel, on a president bracelet.The champagne dial features a date display at the 3 o’clock position and day at the 12 o’clock position. Source: Superwatchman.


Rings, Watches & Bracelets
Tupac was known to wear many rings, watches and bracelets. The Queen Nefertitti, The Star, The Crown ring just to name a few. Tupac was also known for his nose piercing, bandana and timberland boots. In 2021 the Estate of legendary artist Tupac Shakur has teamed up with artists Impossible Brief and curators Digital Arts & Science for “The Immortal Collection,” an artifact based drop featuring an NFT jewelry collection based on some of Tupac’s most well-known and meaningful jewelry pieces from his 2PAC and diamond solitaire rings, to his Makaveli bracelet and the medallion he wore in the last photo ever taken of him.

Rolex Day-Date in 18k yellow gold In this photo from 1996 at the MTV Video Music Awards wearing a 36mm Rolex Day-Date in 18k yellow gold where the bezel, hour markers of the dial and the bracelet have been factory set with pavé diamonds. Note that this model is from 2020 and of course not exactly the same as the one Tupac wore, but it is very similar. The bracelet is furthermore often posted without diamonds but Tupac:s watch was semi-set with diamonds. Source: Superwatchman

Rolex Submariner Late legendary rap icon Tupac Shakur, was a big collector of Rolex watches and is in this picture wearing a two tone 40mm Rolex Submariner in 18k gold and stainless steel with a jubilee bracelet. Source: Superwatchman

Rolex Day-Date Gold Tupac Shakur was in this photo wearing a 36mm Day-Date in 18K yellow gold with a pavé diamond dial. Watch reference is 18048 and the price is around 45,000.00 USD.

Rolex Tupac Shakur @2pac, considered by many to be the greatest rapper of all time, used to rock an iced out 36mm @rolex Presidental Day-Date ref.18038 in yellow Gold with Navy Blue Roman Diamond Dial ️ He was shot to death in Las Vegas in 1996 due to a gang brawl, being only 25 years old. Source: Superwatchman.