It's An African Thing: Tupac perform "It's An African Thing" with Nana King at Santa Monica, CA on March 24, 1994.

MTV Live Jams: On July 28, 1993 Tupac performs “Keep Ya Head Up”, then after a short break, he shows love and appreciation to Shock-G, calling him up on stage for the next track described as “summer song” and “Made for the streets” – “I Get Around”.

Townsend Television: Tupac performs "I Get Around" with Big Stretch & Mopreme on the Townsend Television. A sketch comedy television show that aired on Fox on Sunday nights from September 12, 1993 to December 26, 1993.

Tupac & Biggie: In 1993 not too long before Snoop Dogg's "Doggystyle" dropped and after "Poetic Justice" was released. Tupac gives Biggie the mic during a performance on stage. Also onstage is Snoop Dogg, Warren G, Daz, Kurupt, and more.

Palladium Times Square:  Tupac & Biggie perform at the Palladium Times Square in New York City on July 23, 1993. Tupac & Biggie also took photos outside of the Palladium with Redman & Nas. On that same day the premiere of Poetic Justice release.

The Regal Theater Chicago: Tupac performs at the Regal Theater in Chicago. Notorious B.I.G. as well as Crucial Conflict, Common, Da Brat and many others. Michael Hover who also attended the event told his story on Art of Dialogue in 2019.

Live Stage & Concerts

Arsenio Hall Show: On July 19, 1993 Tupac performs "I Get Around" with Digital Underground & Thug Life crew. "It ain't no party like a thug life party cause the thug life party don't stop"

Teen Summit: On February 20, 1993 Tupac and Digital Underground perform "I Get Around" on Teen Summit.

Michigan State University: On April 5, 1993 Tupac performs "Souljah's Revenge" with thug life members Big Syke and Man Man in East Lansing Michigan. During the show Tupac allegedly swung a bat at Chauncey Wynn a member of the rap group M.A.D. after an argument over the microphone. It was pandemonium, after that they shut down the concert. Tupac got arrested the next day at the Airport for the incident.

New Regal Theater: On February 27, 1994 Tupac performs with Thug Life in Chicago, Illinois. He reportedly performs about six songs, among them Out on Bail and Keep Ya Head Up. MC Lyte co-headlines the performance and 2Pac attends an after-party.

Source Awards: April 25, 1994 Tupac performs "Out on Bail" with his thug life crew at the Source Awards.

Mecca Arena, Milwakee, WI: September 3, 1994 Tupac performs at a concert that included Boss, Big Mike, Xscape, Spice 1, Scarface and more. Things went out of control when Tupac stopped the show for a “moment of silence” on the 14-year old girl killed in Chicago by an 11-year old boy Yummy Sandifer (who was later killed himself.) 

Bowie State University: Tupac, Biggie & Live Squad Performing Live in Maryland’s Bowie State University. Tupac performed multiple songs from the thug life era including "Thugs Get Lonely Too," "Definition of a Thug Nigga," "Fake Ass Bitches" etc.

Howard University:  February 1993 Tupac performs his verse 5 Deadly Venomz with Freddie Foxx on stage in Washington D.C. Tupac could also be seen showing off his thug life tattoo.

Capitol Theater: On April 16, 1993 Tupac performs I'm Gettin Money and Gotta Get Mine with MC Breed on stage in Michigan.

Arsenio Hall Show: On March 8, 1994 Tupac & Stretch perform Pain. The version performed live is slightly different than the retail. The rest of the thug life members Mopreme and Big Syke could also be seen on stage.

Trafalgar Square: Tupac performs his verse "Nothing 2 Lose" and other songs with Biggie Smalls and the thug life crew at the Trafalgar Square in Jamaica Queens, NY. Dres from Black Sheep and the Legion also performed on stage.