Tour of a Black Planet: August 19, 1990

St Louis Arena: August 16, 1990

Public Enemy, Digital Underground, Heavy D., Kid ‘N Play, and En Vogue at Riverfront Coliseum, Cincinnati, OH, US. "Packet Man" "Humpty Dance" & "Freaks of the Industry" where popular songs performed by Digital Underground.

In 1989, Leila Steinberg organized a concert with Tupac’s group, Strictly Dope a group including Marcus Scot, 2Pac, Shakeeo, Mike Cooley, Ray Luv; Puki, Byrone ''Cap B'' Dedrick and DJ Dize. The concert lead to him being signed with Atron Gregory who set him up with Digital Underground.

KMEL Summer Jam: August 1, 1992

Digital Underground performs at Newark Symphony Hall on April 10, 1990 in Newark, New Jersey. Photo by Al Periera.

Apollo Theater: February 1, 1992

Tupac with Big Stretch and Money B performing "If My Homie Calls" on Yo MTV Raps. Ed Lover & Doctor Dre was the host on this episode.

Glam Slam West: April 11, 1992

One of Tupac’s first TV appearances with Digital Underground on Arsenio Hall Show performing the "Humpty Dance" According to Mouse Man Tupac told him that he was going to appear on the show dancing.

Cherry Hill Recreation Center: February 1985

Monster of Rap Concert: January 31, 1992

Newark Symphony Hall: April 10, 1990

KMEL Summer Jam: August 1, 1991

Budweiser Superfest: June 29, 1991

New African Panther Show: 1989

Tupac performed live at Prince’s ”Glam Slam West” nightclub in Los Angeles, California. He is on stage along with his half-brother Mopreme Shakur and Dana Smith aka Mouse Man. "Trapped", "If My Homie Calls" & "Troublesome" were a few songs they performed on stage.

Digital Underground performs at Market Square Arena in Indianapolis, Indiana. On this day Trouble T-Roy a back up dancer for Heavy D & Boyz got into a terrible accident that cost his life. He passed away the following day.

Yo! MTV Raps: 1992

Public Enemy, Heavy D., Digital Underground, Kid ‘N Play, Poor Righteous Teachers, and The Afros perform at St. Louis Arena, St Louis, MO, US.

Tupac joined a Harlem theater group called 127th Street Ensemble, where he did his first performance, as Travis, in A Raisin in the Sun, at the Apollo theater to raise money so Jesse Jackson could run for president.

According to Ryan D One Nation Emcees which consist of Tupac, Ryan D & Klark Gable went on tour to Los Angeles to do a show for the New African Panther. They performed three songs Panther Power, One Nation Emcees and Fantasy.

Strictly Dope Shows: 1989

Apollo Theater: August 1984

Digital Underground at the Summit in Houston Texas during the Public Enemy Tour. The line up also included Kid n Play, Ice Cube, Kwame and Young and the Restless.

Digital Underground at the Shoreline Amphitheatre in Mountain View, California on August 1, 1991. They conducted a interview backstage before the performance.

Tupac performs a few songs "Trapped", "Brenda's Got a Baby" & "Never Surrenda" with Coolie Ranx and Wicked J at the African Liberation Day. The event was located in Sacramento, CA.

Market Square Arena: July 14, 1990

The Stone Theater: 1992

Tupac, Naughty By Nature & Queen Latifah performs on stage at the KMEL Summer Jam Shoreline Amphitheatre in Mountain View, CA. Tupac was also backstage with Mopreme and Spice 1.

Club MTV was a half hour television show modeled after American Bandstand that aired on MTV from August 31, 1987, to June 26, 1992. Hosted by Downtown Julie Brown at The Palladium, a dance club in New York City.

Brotherhood Creed Concert: 1992

Arsenio Hall Show: May 3, 1990

Digital Underground at the Apollo Theater in Harlem NY. performing "No Nose Job" and "Kiss You Back" Tupac could be seen in the background.

First performance Tupac and Mouse at Eastside Crew in Cherry Hill Recreation Center. They performed several songs, among others there "Nigga Please" and "Rock On!"


Tupac performing "Crooked Nigga Too" on the "They Want EFX" instrumental. Big Hutch from Above the Law could also be seen on stage.

Riverfront Coliseum: July 11, 1990

Dance Party USA: January 12, 1992

Tupac performs "If My Homie Calls" on Dance Party USA. He could be seen rapping and dancing with the audience.

The concert featured live performances by Naughty By Nature, a rear performance by Tupac, Queen Latifah, Paris and Digital Underground in San Fransisco, CA. Tupac performed Troublesome 92′ & Tha’ Lunatic

The Black Liberation Day: May 25, 1991

The Palladium Club MTV: 1990

Digital Underground perform at the Budweiser Superfest in Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, CA.  Johnny Gill, LL Cool, Pebbles, Keith Sweat and many others performed on stage.

San Quinn was a guest on the Murder Master Music Show and for the first time on air spoke about a 1992 incident with Tupac & Richie Rich which included the late rapper getting his ring took while swinging on Quinn’s crew with the microphone stand in a brawl.