Tupac was known to wear many jewelry in his career as a artist. He also had a collection of Cars & SUVs.

Photos from his time on Death Row October 12, 1995- September 7, 1996. This section includes photos from Chi Modu, Ken Nahoum and many others. Also his music videos and movies Gridlock'd and Gang Related.

Early photos from childhood to his teenage years.


This section includes various photos from his childhood to Death Row.

This section includes photos from 1993-1994. During this time Pac was on Thug Life and was dealing with many court cases. Also includes photos from photographers Pac worked with Mike Miller, Chi Modu, Raymond Boyd, Reisig & Taylor just to name a few.

This section includes photos from his years mainly in 1990-1991 with Digital Underground and photos from photographers Peter Darley Miller and Victor Hall.

Tupac is sentenced to one and a half to four and a half years in prison. This section includes photos from his time in Rikers Island and Clinton Correctional Facility. Many people who was close to Pac visited until his release in October 1995.

Tupac wore many brand clothing from Karl Kani, Fila, Nike and Versace. Even without bling and luxury wares, Pac created a style that has stood the test of time. This section includes clothes, shoes, hats, jackets and other accessories.

This section includes photos from photographer Jeffrey Newbury in 1992.

Tupac had a unique style with many tattoos and meanings behind each one of them. This section includes some of Tupac’s most popular tattoos that represent everything the fallen rapper stood for.