Outfit: Tupac wearing Phoenix Suns #34 Charles Barkley Jersey and Rugby Polo Shirt.

Outfit: Tupac wearing the Fila Baseball Jersey in Atlanta Freaknik

Outfit: Tupac wearing Get Used By Elie Jeans with Digital Underground.

Outfit: Joe Torry "Chicago" on Poetic Justice wearing the Air Jordan 7 Bordeaux. Of the five original colorways released in 1992, the Air Jordan 7 ‘Bordeaux’ is considered the most distinctive. Prior to the 2015 Air Jordan 7 Retro 'Bordeaux', the sneaker was retro’d only once in 2011.

Outfit: Macadoshis wearing Fila Beanie with Tupac and the rest of Thug Life for Boxtalk in 1994.

 Outfit: Tupac on a Karl Kani photoshoot in 1994. Tupac refused to charge Karl Kani for an Ad because he was black.

Outfit: Tupac wearing Don't Call Me Bytch T-Shirt on a MTV interview. The photo shown is a replica. Source: Galvink

Outfit: Money B wearing LSU Tigers Bucket hat with Tupac and Saafir on September 22, 1991.

Marc Buchanan Pelle Pelle: Tupac wearing Pelle Pelle Jacket on the music video To Live and Die in LA. Source: Westcoast Closet

Outfit: Tupac wearing the Claiborne Sweater with Watani in New York in 1994.

Outfit: Tupac wearing the Black Baker Boy Cap on several events in 1993.

Outfit: Tupac wearing Nike Tech Fleece Joggers with rap group Strictly Dope.

Outfit: Tupac wearing the Luke In the Nude T-Shirt and green leather vest in 1993.

Outfit: Tupac wearing the Maurice Malone Designs Overall at Monty's Steakhouse in 1995.

40 Below Timberland Boots: First introduced in 1979, the Super Boot was made to withstand harsh arctic climates. Tupac playing the role Bishop in the movie Juice.

Outfit: Tupac wearing Girbaud Jeans with Lelia Steinberg in 1994.

Outfit: Tupac with a group of females wearing Karl Kani Jeans Sweatshirt.

Outfit: Tupac wearing Dallas Cowboys snapback in Above the Rim Release Party on March 15, 1994.

Outfit: Ray Luv wearing Air Jordan 9 Olive Sneakers behind music video directed by Tupac Shakur in 1994.

The Air Jordan 8 is Michael Jordan's eighth signature basketball shoe. It released in 1993 during MJ's “Three-Peat” Championship season. Created by Tinker Hatfield, this is the last shoe that Jordan wore before his first retirement.

Outfit: Tupac wearing UNLV Runnin Rebels hat and Cross Colours Denim Jacket.

Outfit: Tupac wearing Versace Yellow Harlequin Pierrot Clown Shirt in Hawaii on July 23, 1994.

Walker Wear Hockey Jersey: April Walker is a fashion game-changer and culture creator that inspired a lane helping to create a multi-billion industry coined as streetwear today through her brand, Walker Wear. Tupac wearing the Walker Wear Jersey in 1994.

Outfit: Tupac wearing Tommy Hilfiger Swim Trunks in 1996.

Outfit: Tupac rocking the classic Pelle Pelle Black Leather Jacket in 1994. Tupac also wore it in the music video Papa'z Song.

Outfit: Tupac wearing the Caterpiller Workers Jacket with Nana King at Santa Monica on March 24, 1994.

Outfit: Tupac on his trip to Belize wearing the Air Shake Ndestrukt “Dennis Rodman” By Nike

Outfit: Tupac at the Glam Slam wearing Chicago White Sox hat with Kansas City Monarchs Jersey & Patrick Ewing sneakers.

Outfit: A 'blood-covered sweatshirt from movie Above the Rim. Source: gottahaverockandroll.

Outfit: Tupac wearing the Duke Jersey #5 Jeff Capel at the Hollywood Athletic Club.

Outfit: Tupac in the house Calabasas wearing Nike Windbreaker Pants during his time on Death Row.

Karl Kani long sleeve shirt: The photo shown is a slightly different color than the one Tupac wore. Source: Westcoastcloset

Outfit: Tupac wearing Karl Kani and Washington Huskies Hat at KMEL Summer Jam on August 1, 1992.

Karl Kani T Shirt: In 2018 The urban apparel brand has teamed up with Shoe Palace to re-release one of its original T-shirts — one worn by rapper Tupac Shakur. Pac wore Kani’s orange and white striped T-shirt in his “Keep Ya Head Up” music video in 1993.

Outfit: Tupac wearing Pepsi T-Shirt during his years in Baltimore.

1907 Chicago Cubs Jersey Starter & LA Kings Snapback: Photoshoot by Victor Hall in 1991.

Outfit: Tupac wearing Catch The Fever Colorado Rockies T-Shirt and MLB snapback at the Kube 93 FM Summer Jam in 1993.

Outfit: Tupac wearing Nike windbreaker with Digital Underground in 1990.

Outfit: Tupac wearing Champion Sweater and Carhartt Michigan Chore Coat in 1993.

Outfit: Tupac performing with his black T-Shirt and Montreal Expos hat on the Arsenio Hall Show in 1993.

Outfit: E.D.I Mean wearing Detroit Tigers T-Shirt in Honolulu, Hawaii on July 23, 1994.

Versace Classic V2 Sweater: Tupac with Suge Knight and Frank Alexander in 1996. Source: Grailed

Nike Air Jordan 9: Released in November 1993, the Air Jordan IX model was the first model released after Michael Jordan's retirement. Tupac and Thug Life on a photo shoot by Mike Miller in 1994.

Outfit: Tupac wearing Reebok Jacket with Digital Underground on Tour in 1990.

Outfit: Tupac as Lucky wearing the Nike Air 180 and Chicago White Sox Snapback on his role as Lucky on Poetic Justice.

Public Enemy Welcome to the Terrordome T Shirt: Tupac on tour with Digital Underground in 1990.

Outfit: Tupac wearing the Lench Mob T-Shirt during his early years.

Outfit: Tupac freestye 5 Deadly Venomz with Grand Puba and Treach.

Outfit: Tupac wearing the Red, Black and Green Cross Colour outfit. The jacket shown is slightly different than the coat Tupac wore.

Outfit: Tupac wearing Karl Kani Vest on a Rally for Geronimo Pratt on December 1992.

Outfit: Tupac wearing Marithe Girbaud Francois Jeans performing on stage at Chicago in 1994.

Outfit: Tupac with Marithe Francois Clothing at the Cowboy Noir Thriller on April 2, 1994.

Outfit: Tupac wearing Fila Denim Jacket in his early years with Interscope.

Born Busy: Tupac with the rap group Born Busy and other friends during his years in Baltimore.

Outfit: Tupac wearing Lenchmob T-Shirt with with Ray Luv and Shock G in 1990.

Outfit: Tupac wearing I Get Around hat with Digital and Thug Life for music video in 1993. Source: Universal Music.

Outfit: Tupac with Desiree Smith and Big Syke wearing the Chuck Taylor All Stars in Clinton Correctional Facility on October 7, 1995.

Outfit: Tupac wearing Karl Kani Jeans Denim Jacket. Source: dlhopkins.

Outfit: Tupac wearing Rangers Hockey Jersey and brown bandana at the Club Expo Fashion in 1994.


Outfit: Tupac with Biggie Smalls wearing the Death Certificate T-Shirt in 1993.

Outfit: Tupac wearing the New Era New York Knicks hat in 1994.

Outfit: Tupac wearing the Nike Air Jordan 7 Raptors - Kastro with the white African American College Alliance Hoodie

Outfit: Tupac wearing Nike Air Windbreaker Jacket with Frank and Big Syke.

Outfit: Tupac wearing a Royal Blue Bandana and Dolce & Gabanna Wool Jacket in 1994. Source: Alexander Historical

Outfit: Tupac in Vegas wearing Karl Kani Jean Company T-Shirt in 1995.

Outfit: Tupac wearing Oakland Athletics hat and Marithe Francois Girbaud Long Sleeve Shirt in the movie Poetic Justice.

Outfit: Pelle Pelle USA jacket behind How Do You Want It music video. Source: Westcoast Closet

Outfit: Tupac wearing a Rayon Robe by Jean Paul Gaultier in 1994. Photoshoot by Bettina Rheims.

New Jersey Devil Hockey Jersey: Tupac with Keisha Morris during the summer of 1994. Tupac is also wearing the Hockey Jersey during his time with his mother Afeni and a Rim Shop in Atlanta Georgia.

Outfit: Georgetown Hoyas 90s American Needle Snapback Hat and Marithe Girbaud striped long sleeve shirt.