Crown Pendant Necklace A gold-crown pendant that he allegedly wore when he was shot, and that was dented by a bullet, The owner of Moments in Time, Gary Zimet, told TMZ that a family member of Tupac’s gave the company the pendant to sell and that person would receive most of the profit. He did not disclose the identity of this person. However, representatives for Tupac’s estate strongly denied that claim to TMZ and are threatening legal action toward anyone who buys or sells the pendant.

Handgun Revolver Necklace On the photo shown Tupac could be seen wearing a Handgun Revolver Pendant Chain.

Dollar Sign - Handgun - Nefertitti After the release of his debut 2Pacalypse Now. In 1991-92 Tupac wore multiple pendant chains, one of them being the Dollar Sign, a handgun as well as the Queen Nefertitti.

The Rolex Crown Necklace Photos of Tupac wearing the Rolex Crown Pendant Chain at Jack the Rapper convention.

Saint Mary Chain Pendant Tupac could be seen wearing this chain pendant in the movie Above the Rim. That's when he met Haitian Jack who was known to flash his jewelry and cars. "I heard he was light-skinned, stocky, with a Haitian accent, Jewelry, fast cars and he's known for flashin' Listen while I take you back and lace this rap. A real live tale about a snitch named Haitian Jack."

Makaveli "Euphanasia" Chain Medallion  The pendant shows a image of a muscular "Black Angel of Death" on his knees with his head tilted down and on his back a huge pair of wings and a halo. On top of the angel reads "Makaveli" Several weeks before Tupac death he started wearing the Makaveli chain. The name “Euphanasia” was a title of one of Pac’s many business prospects. A movie production comapny that would also serve to finance his community/charity work. Which included centers for at-risk youths, inner-city sports teams, and a toll-free help line for troubled kids.

Death Row Records Pendant Chain This is the main pendant that Tupac wore during his time on Death Row Records. Many photos and videos could be seen with Tupac and his Death Row chain. However towards the end of his life he started wearing the Euphanasia chain - an angel pendant with rubies.

Herringbone Chain The Herringbone Chain appeared to be one of Tupac main necklace during his years on Interscope around 92-93. Tupac also has it on the music video I Get Around and Gotta Get Mine. Sometimes he would have two of these necklaces on.

Cross Pendant Necklace The Cross has many meanings like justice, god, faith and fight for human rights. Tupac purchased the cross chain sometime in the fall of 1993. Tupac could be seen wearing it on many of his videos and photos. Tupac wore the cross for majority of his time in 1994 before the Quad incident shooting.

Gun Necklace Tupac could be seen wearing a machine gun pendant chain in the movie Juice. While Tupac filmed his role as Bishop in Juice, Stretch and Treach, of rap group Naughty By Nature, were extras. Once Tupac's trailer was robbed of jewelry.

Various Jewelry - Rope Chain Between 1989-1990 before Tupac became famous and a roadie for Digital Underground, he was known to wear a combination of necklaces from the African beads to the Rope Chains.  

Crown Pendant Necklace On the photo shown Tupac is wearing a Crown Pendant Chain in 1992. 


Napoleon Tupac Shakur’s last days in Vegas from the Mike Tyson fight to his time spent in the UMC, has always been surrounded by question marks. But, in this particular story shared by Napoleon, it was the days prior to Tupac’s passing that were also rather strange. Napoleon remembers Tupac insisting for him to take some of his jewelry. Napoleon hesitant to take Tupac’s best jewelry settled for a bracelet.

“I was so shy, that’s my homie. I wasn’t about to take the fifty-thousand dollar watch,”

But, that was not all. Tupac would continue to encourage Napoleon to take more of his jewelry. The former Outlawz member got his hands on a ring and chain. Surprised by the gesture, Napoleon left the room and told the Outlawz members E.D.I Mean and Yaki Kadafi what had just happened.